What a strange and wild time…


So I may not post often, but when I do, it’s because there’s usually some things noodling at the back of my psyche. To be fair, there is always some things noodling at the back of my psyche. But I try not to write in public until I’ve got them worked out to the point that the words don’t sound like the ravings of my inner lunatic.

This past year has been another interesting and monumental chapter in my ongoing journey. Bigger than the privilege I have to create stories for a mass audience, is the joy that being a married man brings to me. It’s been six months since I said my vows and each day they only seem to sink deeper and deeper into my skin. Maybe it’s the Vicodin (I had oral surgery yesterday, I don’t pop pills recreationally) or the fact that my sweet wifey took care of me like I the achey drugged out puppy that I am right now, but whatever the case may be… I look at her and I just feel a warm glow of energy that is beyond me.

Being a part of Season Two of American Crime was something that really pushed me to places I did not know were within me. In a good way, I was challenged and inspired all at once. I see now that during the writing and production of Season One, I didn’t realize how much I still don’t know. I was just so glad to be there, and at times feeling like maybe I was an outsider and at any moment they would put me on a flight back to L.A. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and if anything I was embraced fully, made to feel that I was among peers.

This year, I was definitely aware of the things that I don’t know, but that’s okay. I’m surrounded by amazing talented people who are more than willing to help show me the way. The flip side to that is that I was confident in the things that I do know, more aware of the process around me. My whole life, I’ve learned by doing. I’m just beyond grateful to be a part of a show that lets it’s creative team do just that, do and be involved.

After working my heart out during the fall, the Roman Holiday my wife and I took for our Honeymoon was a much needed refreshment for both of our lives. For a boy from East Los whose travels mostly included road tripping it up and down the Cali coast and trips down to Mexico, walking the ancient streets that gave birth to Western Civilization was a life changing experience. My world is getting bigger everyday, and I dig that.

There is good energy in the ether. I’m meeting some amazing artists who inspire me and push me to elevate my game. From working under Noah Hawley as his assistant during that seminal first year of Fargo, to being in a writer’s room with an amazing group of talented playwrights and filmmakers… did I mention John Ridley? I don’t name drop for the sake of feeling legit, it’s about the strange wonderment that I have. These last three years I’ve been around artists working at the top of their game doing things I hope to emulate. That includes the people I’m now coming into contact with as my career progresses.

For the long haul, I don’t know where exactly it will all end up, but right now it feels like it’s going in all the right directions… at least right now. I’m an artist and we all know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there is not always a crunchy lollipop at the end. Like I said, there’s a reason I don’t post in public very often… I’ve got a personal journal for all that other junk.  But for today, I think the lesson that really hit home this week was to remember to be real, be me, and seek my truth. I don’t need to prove my truth, just live in it, and lead with it. Lucky for me today that truth is I am loved and in love with an amazing person and I get to tell stories for a living. Not bad.

And yes, my ever diligent servant Pablo is sleeping soundly next to me: Cave Canem.