Existential Gratitude


It’s been a fair amount of time since I’ve posted on here. This could be because I’ve been legitimately busy or just flat out lazy, the verdict is still out on that one. Looking back at some of the milestones I’ve achieved this past year, it’s been an interesting one. I figure now is as good a time as any to kickstart my heart, sorry, I meant restart my blogging… Motley Crue can get stuck in your head sometimes with those catchy hooks!

There is a year’s worth of ups and downs (mostly ups) to go over, so I don’t intend on cramming them all in this one post. But I did want to put it out into the universe how incredibly lucky I feel to be where I am in this moment. I’m about six months away from being married to an amazing woman, and 12 hours away from seeing the premiere of a Television Show I had the privilege to work on (American Crime 10pm on ABC).

As my little dog, Pablo (who is also part of the greatness of this last year), lays in the sun next to me, basking his tiny furried body in the warm glow of UV and Vitamin E, I  too must allow myself some time to pause and let the positive nature of all things wash over me. It’s easy for us as artists, struggling and otherwise, to look at the hill we have yet to climb. Too often we forget to look back at the miles of road we’ve traversed behind us. So this is me thanking my friends, family, strangers, supporters, former bosses, future collaborators, and everyone else on this planet for every interaction that has allowed me to be where I am in this moment, and do what I love.

More to come…